Support Opportunities & Services

Support Groups:

Our groups are designed for adult family members that would like to learn how to support their transgender, nonbinary, or gender diverse loved one. The group meetings are a safe, confidential, and supportive environment. HSZW works to meet people wherever they are on their journey of acceptance and understanding of gender identity.

We share personal experiences to help increase the knowledge and comfort level of newcomers in small group settings. For more information on when groups meet, contact us!

Family Playgroup:

This group is for children (ages 13 & under) that are transgender, non-binary, or gender-diverse. This program aims to provide a fun and engaging opportunity to connect with other families. Being a part of this community helps the children and the whole family know they are not alone.

For more information on when these playgroups meet, contact us!

One-to-One Phone Consultations:

Initial Phone Intake: HSZW participants report that the first phone call is essential to getting started and feeling more comfortable attending a group meeting. During this phone consultation, our facilitators are able to:

  • Listen for understanding about each family’s unique situation 
  • Provide resources appropriate for the family’s needs
  • Explain what to expect when attending a HSZW group
  • Make a connection to help reduce feeling overwhelmed and fearful 

Helping you Learn how to Advocate for your Loved One: 

  • Resources to help you navigate changes to ensure safety and support:
    • Schools
    • Medical Offices
    • Family and friends
    • Provide specific resources for your current situation: links to videos, articles, other organizations, books, etc.
    • Legal Documents: aligning legal documents to match one’s gender identity

Social Connections: Building Community 

  • Field Trips to live theatre and movie theatre events
  • Happy Hours and Dining Out
  • Occasions for specific Genders and Age Groups:  ex. Trans Fem Brunch
  • Mixed Age Socials

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