Family acceptance has been shown to be the greatest protective factor for transgender youth.

Educational Support Meetings

He She Ze and We meetings are designed for adult family members that would like to learn more about gender identity and how to support their transgender, nonbinary, or gender-diverse loved one. Our facilitators and attendees work together to create a brave space that is supportive and confidential. HSZ&W meets people where they are on their journey of acceptance of gender diversity with a goal to help them leave each meeting feeling more confident, hopeful, and less alone.

Being in a small group setting, virtual or in-person, with other people sharing their own personal lived experiences helps newcomers understand the possibilities of moving forward with action steps to support their gender expansive loved one(s). 

Our virtual meetings make it possible for families nationwide to participate. Live and in-person meetings are expanding statewide in Virginia. If you are interested in bringing HSZ&W programming to your area, please contact us. 

We currently offer:  

  • In-Person Monthly Educational Support Meetings: Richmond, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Warrenton, and Williamsburg — with NoVA coming soon!
  • Virtual Morning & Evening Meetings
  • Interfaith Meeting
  • Just Us – for our BIPOC and multi-racial families
  • Orientation – a 2 hour training, may include extended family members willing to learn

For more information about our meetings, contact us.

HSZ&W Family Connections Program

Family Connections aims to provide opportunities to gather with other families of gender-diverse, school-age children (K-12) to foster personal relationships, decrease social anxiety, and build community on a local and state level. 

Currently, Family Connections is available in three regions in Virginia: Hampton Roads, Central (Richmond & surrounding counties), and Blue Ridge (Charlottesville & surrounding counties). 

First steps to engaging with He She Ze and We

  • Fill out our confidential contact form
    • You will receive an email to set up a video Welcome Call with one of our facilitators. 
    • Initial welcome call:  HSZ&W participants report that the first conversation is essential to getting started and feeling more comfortable moving forward.

      During this video call, our facilitators are able to:
      • Listen for understanding about each family’s unique situation 
      • Provide introductory resources appropriate for the family’s needs
      • Explain what to expect when attending a support & education meeting
      • Make a connection to help reduce feelings of being overwhelmed and fearful.

Seeking an individualized approach?

Consider scheduling a private consultation with our Executive Director, Shannon McKay, about navigating your next steps. This could include suggestions about how to advocate for your child in school; gaining support of extended family and friends; supporting siblings; sharing specific resources to meet your family’s needs; updating legal documents, etc. Click here to get on her schedule.

Social Connections: Building Community 

  • Adult Socials
  • Volunteering
  • Pride Events
  • Family Socials–through Family Connections Program

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