He She Ze and We is an organization dedicated to serving families with transgender loved ones. We offer the opportunity to gather information and resources, meet and listen to the stories of others and figure out how to be truly supportive… together… in a safe, confidential, and non-judgemental space.

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He She Ze and We offers weekly support meetings for parents, caregivers and adult family members of transgender and gender-diverse individuals of ALL ages. Before attending your first meeting, please contact us by using the button below.

It is difficult to know what to do when a loved one comes out as transgender and/or non-binary, or are questioning their gender identity.  Once the family becomes aware, they often feel overwhelmed, powerless, confused, uneducated, and uncertain how to support a loved one who identifies as trans or non-binary.  Sometimes families initially refuse to accept individuals who are questioning their identities. He She Ze and We (HSZW) is dedicated to supporting and advocating for families throughout their journey with gender identity, to include families with transgender loved ones of all ages.

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