About Us

Our Mission

Supporting Transgender and Nonbinary people by empowering their families, communities, and allies to create life-saving, inclusive environments.

He She Ze and We is an inclusive community comprised of parents, caregivers, and loved ones of transgender and non-binary children of all ages, with the majority being youth. The He She Ze and We mission guides the organization.

We support families throughout their journey with gender identity. This includes support meetings, education of caregivers, schools and communities and advocacy work. We are a statewide organization based in Richmond, Virginia.

He She Ze and We formed in 2012 as a group for parents of young gender-expansive children. Soon after its inception, the need to expand to include families with transgender and/or non-binary loved ones of ALL AGES became clear. As a result, He She Ze and We has increased services and outreach to meet the needs of the families of the transgender and/or nonbinary community in partnership with other equality-focused organizations.

The organization has continued to grow to meet the needs of the community, because of this we’ve added both virtual and in-person meetings as well as expanding programming and education opportunities.

Together, we are working to protect, lift up, and celebrate the community!

Empowering families on the journey of gender identity through support, education, and advocacy.

We Believe

We believe that everyone should live in a state that covers transgender health services.

We believe that all Virginians should have inclusive policies and legal protections. 

We believe that everyone in the state deserves access to life-saving family programming.

We believe families deserve knowledgeable caregivers including medical providers, school personnel, and legislators.

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