GiveOutDay is upon us!

Throughout the month of June, we are collecting donations to He She Ze and We. On June 30, we will do our final drive to see if we can place on on of the leaderboards, which could earn us an additional gift! Last year, thanks to the support of our followers, we received $5,000 for placing first on the Small Southern Organization Leaderboard.

Our organization depends on support from people like you, which enables us to support families, educate caregivers, and advocate for trans rights. There are three easy ways you can help us with this fundraiser:

A gift of just $10 or more qualifies you as an individual donor! Just click on the DONATE button at the top of the page.

While you can only be counted as a donor once, we encourage you to share our fundraiser with your friends, families, coworkers, social networks! Leaderboard gifts are based on number of donors, not total of donations, so this is a great way to help us spread the word!

Do you want to see the impact of your share? Do you want to go above and beyond and start your own fundraiser? From this link, click the “Fundraise” button to set up your own personalized fundraiser! All of the donations will come straight to our organization through your own page.

Here are just a few of the ways donations will help:

$25 supports educational programming… that helps a parent decide to use their child’s new pronouns.
$50 supports a guest speaker… their story convinces a grandparent to start using chosen name.
$100 supports a personal consultation… with a parent needing guidance for next steps. 
$150 supports outreach at Pridefest… where a trans teen grabs a card to give to their parents when they decide to come out. 
$250 supports a lending library... so that families have access to quality resources.
$500 supports training with a school or business… to learn how to support their trans students, teachers or staff. 
$1000 supports Family Connections… where families with gender-diverse school-age kids gather to socialize and build community.

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